Pakistani Drama Tere Bin Episode 12 QUICK REVIEW

Pakistani Drama Tere Bin Episode 12

Pakistani Drama Tere Bin Episode 12 QUICK REVIEW on Geo Tv 7th Sky Entertainment’s production drama serial Tere Bin is turning out to be a brainless entertainer. Though Tere Bin is highly entertaining, the story at places makes no sense at all. It is Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi’s crackling chemistry which carries the whole show.

Today’s Pakistani Drama Tere Bin Episode 12 starts has the most beautiful non-stop chemistry between Murtasim & Meerab. Their dialogues, their tones, Murtasim’s humor, and their every scene give me goosebumps, especially the scene where they both get close to each other when Murtasim deliberately takes the lights off 😄 And that scene when Murtasim wears a necklace to Meerab. Goosebumps!!

This episode has everything so perfect from BGM to performance. The execution, the use of BGM & the non-stop firing chemistry of Murtasim & Meerab takes this drama to the whole next level. And the most exciting part of this episode is Murtasim that we all are expecting that his character is another toxic one, but no it’s not!!

His character is written on a very positive note. He is a very soft-hearted fun loving person who cares for everyone & respects her wife. Yumna Zaidi looks so horrible in this episode, I don’t know who does her makeup but this much heavy makeup spoils the innocent beauty of Yumna. Overall the drama is a pure package of entertainment 👌💥🔥

Pakistani Drama Tere Bin Episode 12

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