Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of 2022

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of 2022

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas 2022-2023. Most of the upcoming Pakistani dramas 2022-2023 will have a realistic feel to them, including the serial Chaudhry & Sons, Aye Musht e Khaak, Parizaad, Mere Humsafar, and Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi most popular drama this year. Top 10 Popular Pakistani Dramas List 2022 Channel Geo TV Dramas, Hum TV Dramas, Ary Dramas List Included in this article.

These new trends include stretching dramas, especially when they receive high ratings, and placing unnecessary emphasis on graphics. It is safe to assume that our definition of the “greatest dramas” includes those that were, for the most part, interesting and amusing as well as meaningful, well-written, and well-played out.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single drama serial this year that was picture-perfect, but since dramas aired for such a long time, it should be expected. There were, however, several plays with superbly written characters and performances that made us like the performers who performed these roles. The Best Pakistani Dramas 2022 are listed here. The list includes dramas that have been airing for more than ten weeks.

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of 2022

  1. Chaudhry & Sons
  2. Aye Musht e Khaak
  3. Bakhtawar
  4. Parizaad
  5. Mere Humsafar
  6. Sinf-e-Aahan
  7. Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi
  8. Habs
  9. Fraud
  10. Sang e Mah

Chaudhry & Sons

Chaudhry & Sons
Chaudhry & Sons Har Pal Geo TV Drama

Chaudhry & Sons Cast Imran Abbas, Ayeza Khan, Sohail Ahmed, Yasir Nawaz, Shagufta Ejaz, Asma Abbas, Irsa Ghazal, and others. This year’s 30-episode Ramadan-themed drama that aired on Har Pal Geo titled Chaudhry & Sons. It was written by Saima Akram Chaudhry and contained all the characteristics one would anticipate from her. Although the humour is the main subject that distinguishes Ramadan dramas, Saima Akram Chaudhry’s compositions are undoubtedly filled with strong emotions. No different was Chaudhry & Sons, which demonstrated how, in the end, close family ties and relationships matter the most and have a positive impact on one’s life.

Each character in Chaudhry & Sons’ ensemble cast was distinctive. The interactions that Billu and Pari had with their grandparents were the most appealing aspect of this play.

Aye Musht e Khaak (Har Pal Geo TV)

Aye Musht e Khaak Har Pal Geo TV Drama

Aye Musht e Khaak Drama Cast Sana Javed, Nimra Khan, Feroze Khan, Iffat Omar, Shabbir Jaan, Shahood Alvi, and others. Another 2022 drama that featured a female lead living her life on her terms was Aye Musht e Khaak. The fact that her father supported her decision to leave this marriage was a welcome change from the family’s basic and predetermined plans for her life at the time. Mustajab’s conversion to religion and faith was also depicted naturally, and the things he hated the most ultimately became an important aspect of his life.

Despite having a small cast of characters, the overarching plot of Aye Musht e Khaak was compellingly told, and despite having many episodes, it had enough to keep viewers interested until the very end. Sana Javed and Feroze Khan delivered standout performances in the play, including Dua and Mustajab.

Bakhtawar (HUM TV)

Bakhtawar HUM TV Drama

Bakhtawar Drama Cast Yumna Zaidi, Zaviyar Nauman Ejaz, Mizna Waqas, Naureen Gulbani, Saqib Sameer Huma Nawab and others. One of the rare dramas on this list with only 10 episodes to its name is Bakhtawar, which is currently airing. The drama’s protagonist is the heart of its charm. Yumna Zaidi’s performance has made all the difference in Bakhtawar’s plot, which is a welcome change of pace.

The main character of Bakhtawar is a young girl who is motivated to succeed in life on her own. She makes a choice in order to accomplish this, and it complicates her path and changes the course of her story.

Parizaad (HUM TV)

Parizaad HUM TV Drama

Parizaad Drama Cast Ahmed Ali Akbar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Noman Ijaz, Urwa Hocane, Tania Hussain, Ushna Shah Tahira Imam and others. Parizaad Drama Writer is Hashim Nadeem is a cult masterpiece that has unquestionably elevated its status as a drama as well. Everyone was impressed by the actor who brought beloved Parizaad to life, Ahmed Ali Akbar.

In addition to being a good drama, Parizaad was also a good topic of discussion. It raised issues including gender dysmorphia, transgender rights, society’s fixation on beauty and wealth, as well as the poor state of our educational system and schools.

Mere Humsafar (ARY Digital)

Mere Humsafar ARY Digital Drama

Mere Humsafar Drama Cast Hania Amir, Farhaan Saeed, Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Zoya Nasir, Tara Mehmood, Alyy Khan, Omer Shehzad, and others. Last week, Mere Humsafar came to an end, and regrettably, the way it was handled has caused us to forget the positive note it began on and the excitement it generated due to the chemistry between Hamza and Hala. Mere Humsafar was a Pakistani Cinderella, but sadly, the drama’s villains were on steroids since Hala’s suffering never came to an end. I

It was first difficult to understand that Hala had her grandmother’s support, who knew how to stand up for her, but that her misery had been induced to an extreme. When Hamza joined the picture, the drama changed for the better as a result of his unwavering support for his wife, which helped Mere Humsafar become a success. It was certainly good to witness such a supportive husband who gave Hala the confidence she needed to fight and conquer her worries.

Sinf-e-Aahan (ARY Digital)

Sinf-e-Aahan ARY Digital Drama

Sinf-e-Aahan Drama Cast Sajal Aly, Ramsha Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Kubra Khan, Syra Yousuf, Dananeer Mobeen, Ali Rehman, Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa, Sheheryar Munawar, Usman Mukhtar, Asad Siddiqui and others.

It is disappointing that Sinf-e-Aahan did not reach the list of the top dramas because it was one of the eagerly anticipated dramas of 2022. Sinf-e-Aahan fell short of our expectations despite having such a large cast, a famous writer and director, and top production companies to support it. This drama mostly caught our attention since it promised to be a tale of strong women.

Although the drama’s primary characters were all strong, diverse women, the overemphasis on military training, the exaggerated role the military had in empowering these women, and the way their tales were handled overall did not live up to our expectations. Sinf-e-Aahan had a smaller story scope than most of the dramas on our list, so even though it concluded earlier, it was still repetitious and boring.

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi (ARY Digital)

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi drama
Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi ARY Digital Drama

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Drama Cast Danish Taimoor, Dur-e-Fishan, Noman Aijaz, Hammad Shoaib, Atiqa Odho, Shahood Alvi, Laila Wasti, Laiba Khan, Tipu Shareef, Zainab Qayyum, Ayesha Toor and others. This year’s most popular drama 2022 is Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi, which is quite bad because it is also one of the plays that should have taken first place on the list of the worst dramas. Although it is currently airing, we are confident that it belongs on this list. The creators’ aims for Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi were made very evident in the first few episodes. They sought to portray the worst toxins we saw on film this year in the most stunning way possible.

The excessive emphasis on aesthetics, starting with Shamsher’s opulent living and continuing with the makeovers that were always there even on a regular day, was employed to draw in viewers. The characters were made to appear as ‘beautiful’ as possible by using caked concealers and excessive amounts of filters to hide the ugliness of the content from the very beginning. The plot is as predictable as they come: a pampered, affluent brat falls for a modest, middle-class bechari. There were several cringe-worthy discussions in the first episodes regarding daughters. Danish Taimoor performs in the drama as yet another wealthy, toxic character because he has the attire and background needed. As Mehak, Durr-e-Fishan doesn’t need to do anything because she hardly ever speaks onscreen!

Habs (ARY Digital)

Habs ARY Digital Drama

Habs Cast Ushna Shah, Feroze Khan, Dania Enwer, anice Tessa Ayesha Omar, Sadia Faisal, Irsa Ghazal and others. Drama serial Habs is still airing, audiences clearly appreciate watching it. The manner in which Habs was treated in terms of execution was the key feature that initially set it apart. We were reminded of vintage PTV dramas because there was no obtrusive background music, and the problems were handled subtly. Basit is the focus of Habs’ narrative, and the author has masterfully shown how the tragedies of his early life have formed him into the man he is today.

The character of Ayesha, who has a totally opposite attitude and priorities her family before herself, has also been used as a point of comparison. It was nothing short of a treat to see Basit and Ayesha, despite their differences, find themselves pulled to one another in Habs.

Fraud (ARY Digital)

Fraud ARY Digital Drama

Fraud Drama Cast Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ahsan Khan, Rabia Kulsoom, Adnan Samad Khan, Nida Mumtaz, Annie Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam and others. Another drama that is now airing is called Fraud. Despite having been on air for more than 20 weeks, it still manages to keep fans interested in the next episodes. The plot centers on three distinct houses, each of which comes from a different social level.

It also demonstrates how differently these personalities decide to approach life’s challenges and concerns. The “fraud” that alters the main character Maya’s life’s trajectory forever is just one aspect of the drama. It also contains a “commercial” theme including conspiracies and some novel ideas, like the mother-in-desire law’s for the best for her daughter-in-law despite the loss of her son.

Hum Tum (HUM TV)

Hum Tum HUM TV Drama

Hum Tum Drama Cast Ahad Raza Mir, Ramsha Khan, Sarah Khan, Aina Asif, Anoosheh Rania Khan, Junaid Khan and others. One of the comedy Ramadan Serials this year that offered everything it promised was Hum Tum. Since the author made a conscious attempt to give significance to the script, it wasn’t just mindless amusement. The cast was ideal; each performer seemed to take great pleasure in performing their assigned parts.

Even though Ahad Raza Mir‘s pronunciation of the Urdu language wasn’t always perfect, he nonetheless delivered a strong performance. The script received the proper treatment under Danish Nawaz’s direction. Aside from the casting, Neha and Sarmad, at least one of these couples, had dynamics that made their sequences really entertaining. On-screen coupling Sarah Khan and Junaid Khan were fantastic. They both did a fantastic job portraying their different roles.

Although Adam and Neha resembled many other on-screen couples from prior Ramadan specials, the casting was a significant distinction. There were instances when Adam, in particular, went too far, but he was a likeable character since he had a deep respect for Neha because of her intelligence.

Sang e Mah (HUM TV)

Sang e Mah HUM TV Drama

Sang e Mah Drama Cast Atif Aslam, Nauman Ejaz, Hania Amir, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Kubra Khan Hassan Noman, Omair Rana, Zaviyar Noman and others. Sang e Mah Drama was perhaps the drama that received the most attention before it even began broadcasting. It was because fans mistakenly believed it to be a continuation of the 2016 mega-sit series Sang e Marmar. Sang e Mah, on the other hand, didn’t need much to dazzle the audience and demonstrate that it also had a lot more to offer in terms of plot, direction, and most significantly, distinctive and dynamic characters.

Atif Aslam was also introduced by Sang e Mah as an actor in Pakistani dramas, and it didn’t take him long to explain why he picked Hilmand and why Hilmand approached him. Sang e Mah had an ensemble cast with performers who were so well-known and experienced that they were able to tell the story in a unique way.

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